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Work NA1SS the International Space Station on 2M.  You too can QSO with the International Space Station using almost any 2M FM radio.  Some have done it with an HT.  The guys on the ISS listen at 144.490 MHz and transmit at 145.800 MHz (both FM).  It’s an odd split, but most modern FM radios can handle it.  The trick is knowing when the station is overhead.  Check out these two websites for help with that:  ISS Fan Club and Spot the Station. Good luck!

Weekly Fox Hunts (20M in summer, 40 & 80M in winter).  There are pelts with your call sign on them waiting to be bagged.  It’s the best 90 minutes of Amateur Radio fun all week.  For details visit:

Earth and Moon Viewer.  See what the Earth would look like from the Sun, Moon and man-made satellites, and much more.

Online Calculators.  Forgot that formula?  This web page has a free on-line calculator for almost any application.